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Welcome to the Narcissists Bite to Light Blog! Here you'll find the latest pages published or updated on this site.

These include some pretty harrowing experiences submitted and shared by readers such as yourself - telling of their encounters and relationships with narcissists and other human predators of a similar ilk.

When it comes to moving from bite to light in dealing with narcissists, knowledge and awareness are key. Find both here.

The 'boy next door' Narcissist

He was much younger than me but we seemed to have an instant attraction... I'm talking about a new neighbour in the street. I had recently separated from

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Once your eyes are opened, dont think, just get out!

I was a young single mom of a baby boy. I wanted so desperately to have a stable, loving family and for my son to grow up and see his mom have a healthy

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I was married to a narcissist for 24 years he was the love of my life... swept me off my feet telling me how he loves me and how beautiful I was but that's

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What a Nightmare!

I have recently come out of a 7 year relationship with a narcissist. I can honestly say I had no idea what I was caught up in. I can't even remember when

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She abused me and then blamed me for the abuse

She is my sister and I stayed with her interstate. She started bullying us and calling us names, swearing at us, you name it! When I left one morning

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HeartBlown to smithereens in CC,TX

Well... I have been in an almost 2yr old relationship with a young 23 year old female and I'm much older than she is. But my physical appearance says,

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Ten years of manipulation

He raped me. I now have to go to court to testify because knocking me out at least twice and punching me in the face is consensual sex to him!!!

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Listen to your intuition!

I am a mother of two grown children. At this time however, my kids were still at home with me. I was an unskilled, restaurant worker trying to support

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I met a doctor who was the most caring, attentive dr I have ever went to. He was a little odd at first but I so grew to appreciate his talent and abilities,

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The Other

Projective, inversive, unaccountable, passive aggressive and OBLIVIOUS. Appeasing, compliant, obedient, insufficient, extraneous, annoyant, invisible,

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