by Lifa
(New Jersey )

I met a doctor who was the most caring, attentive dr I have ever went to. He was a little odd at first but I so grew to appreciate his talent and abilities, I was in desperate need of care and was in a physical and mentally weak state.

After several necessary treatments we became good friends and enjoyed each others company so much we started to see one another outside of his office. He came to visit many times at my workplace, I own a business. I met his wife and thought nothing of his kindness and quite frankly friendly love towards me.

I never noticed the signs of arrogant behaviors , demanding demeanor and abusive language he used with others. In the end he started to ask huge sums of money for his treatments and even made several sexual advances towards me.

Finally I knew I needed to get out of his weird control and cut contact. I stumbled across some literature about narcissistic behaviors and it all came together for me. What bothers me the most is wondering how many others has he controlled or abused in this way? I also wonder about the many people in his office and family and how everyone seems to accept his behaviors as normal.

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Jan 18, 2020
Report to AMA
by: Anonymous

The behavior that you are describing is predatory, unethical and criminal. I would suggest filing a complaint against him with the AMA, or whomever the governing body is for his particular specialty.
You may save a woman or young girl from being his next victim.

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