She abused me and then blamed me for the abuse

She is my sister and I stayed with her interstate. She started bullying us and calling us names, swearing at us, you name it!

When I left one morning she seemed to think that me leaving without telling her was worse than everything she did to us. She stalked us in person and then when we went home again stalked me through social media. She sent abusive emails. She said the most awful stuff about me and posted my personal details online.

When I got angry and wrote back to her she used these replies to paint me publicly as the unstable and abusive one all while denying every single bit of the abuse and stalking.

I stopped playing and cut her out. I havent spoken to or looked her up or anything! She's now dead to me. This is the ONLY way to escape a narcissist.

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Jan 19, 2019
Ultimate Hypocrites
by: Jed from NB

My own personal experience with partners who either suffered from full blown narcissistic personality disorder or some varying degree of it... was that you always end up getting accused of EXACTLY whatever it is THEY are doing to you.

Constantly being accused of cheating? Bet your bottom dollar they are the ones cheating on you.

Accussed of not being attentive enough to their needs? Not being curious enough about them and asking them the kind of questions that would make them feel like a 'valued human being'?

Well, guess what? You've been dating them for over a year and have the distinct (and uncomfortable) feeling that they BARELY KNOW YOUR NAME - let alone the person behind it. Beyond the initial courting/luring phase... they simply couldn't be bothered to show the interest.

It's all about THEM, not you - never forget! You're there to get to know them; they're not there to get to know you. You're there to take care of them and their needs; they're not there to take care of of you and your needs. You're there to prop them up - to support, admire, adore, and understand them. They don't feel in the least bit abliged to return the favor.

As stunning as it is to consider and realize: to a narcissist - you, yourself, barely exist. Sole acknowledgement goes to what you can do for, give to, supply the narcissist. NOTHING goes to the person behind the functions - you, yourself, will never be acknowledged.

Being reduced by this 'attitude' - from a human being to a mere tool - you're effectively left out in the cold. Basic human dignity - denied.

And then they'll turn around and accuse you of demeaning and denying THEIR dignity; their HUMANITY.

Poor thing!

Adding insult to injury is bread and butter to a narcissist - HYPOCRITES of the highest order.

Take care and beware,

Jed from

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