The Doormat

by Tina B

I have been single for several years. I suffered an illness in 2006, that about killed me and left a lot of physical repercussions that I deal with on a daily basis. I miss who I was, and what I was capable of doing. But I'm still here and am learning to accept who I am today.

I met this guy 15 months ago that seemed to be really interested in me. Basically he followed me home and never left. Since I had been single, independent, and lonely for so long, it was nice to finally find someone that wanted me. Well, since then I have been finding myself at the receiving end of all 4 of the psycho-behavioral traits of a pathological narcissist. The permanent disabilities I have from my illness, are made fun of and being
used against me...

This morning, I hope I have reached my limits. I ran across this group yesterday, and after reading all I could find, I believe I can finally put an explanation to this madness that I have been calling a relationship. He's got to get away from me and the rest of my family now, today. I pray for strength to do what I have to do.

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