Contacting the author of this article

by T
(Austin )

You have described the actual person I dated for a year and she has a daughter. Anyway I could contact the author of this article? It may have even been the same girl. And funny how her name begins with an N.

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by: Jed

Hello there T from Austin!

I'm Jed, the author of this particular article you've just read, as well as, the author of this site.

It never ceases to amaze me how SIMILAR narcissists are to each other - as a group. They're definitely a breed apart (from all the rest of us); but they're also all cut out of a very similar fabric.

However, while there's a lot of material out there written about male's less common to come across descriptions of the female variety and how it plays out. So it's great to have those descriptions put out there (definitely part of the motivation for writing the articles for this site); and even better to have people like you come along to corroborate them.

And here you have and I have almost certainly dated different women - yet, the description in this article was so compelling that you thought 'hey, this may as well be the exact same woman I'm dating!'

After all, we don't often hear stories such as these...let alone get to experience them LIVE. And by the sounds of it, you definitely have.

The name of the narcissist I dated actually starts with an E (I used 'N' in the article as a short for 'Narcissist' - my apologies for the confusion). Hence why I'm saying that we're most likely talking about two separate women.

Although, N's are notoriously well known for changing their names...and my ex DID in fact change her name...the new name she chose also starts with an E. This was quite a few years ago now mind you; so there is the possibility that she changed her name yet again (I wouldn't really know since I've lost touch with her - quite intentionally mind you).

Let me ask just ask you this, to be absolutely sure...was she Israeli? Mine was, so if she's not then we're talking two different women.

In any case, I'm glad you chose to reach out and connect and that the article hit home with you. Hopefully you've already moved on from that relationship; or if you haven't...I hope this article and one's like it have given you serious pause for consideration.

It took me a while to put this woman and the memories associated with her - behind me. But I can tell you that it's a very rare moment nowadays when I give her a second thought - certainly nothing to lose sleep over anymore, although I can tell you I did have those nights when we were still together!


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